all dressed up

all dressed up

even does her own hair

even does her own hair

Jessica, Mom and me

Jessica, Mom and me
Mt. Kearsage

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hunting trip

The boys went on a two week moose hunting trip and had an awesome time. They drove 4 hours north and then were flown in 50 miles East on a very little plane. So little that it holds the pilot, one passenger and gear. So Lou was flown in first with some gear and then Kody joined him. After being dropped off they spent the night sleeping in their rafts with a tarp hung over them since they didn't want to set up the tent for just one night. They were by other hunters that night but the next day they started floating the river and never saw another person. This is what they both love...being out with no one around. It was beautiful country and the mountains were amazing. I can't imagine the wonderful solitude of being out there. Kody said the stars are just amazing, and we see pretty good stars where we live. According to him they don't even come close in comparison.

Don't know if you can see in this photo but there are caribou walking past their camp.

They saw them several times. Too bad they couldn't hunt caribou.
They saw tons of moose and even called some bulls in to them. But they could only shoot them if they were 50 inches or bigger and they were hard to judge. There were some but they were too far away. They missed a few that were legal but at the time Lou wasn't sure if they were or not. So this is actually a camping trip as they came home with no meat :(

So, according to Lou, and the stories I have heard Kody is in his element out in the woods. As you can see they got snow. A freak storm came through and they got about 1 and a half feet of snow. YUCK. There goes any desire I had to go with Lou some day. I actually thought it might be a good experience to do some day as I love being out in the wilderness. Not so much the hunting but if Lou went slow I could manage. But camping in a tent, on the ground with snow....NO THANKS. Kody created this shelter so they could have a fire and stay dry. He is very crafty and resourceful out in the woods. He also made a bridge so they didn't have to walk through the river every day to go hunt. Also made a toilet...this is the one thing Kody hates about hunting, so he created a 'seat' out of branches, bent them and wrapped them in duct tape and put it on a little edge. Don't have a photo of that as it's on the camcorder but it was a toilet :) could actually sit down just like at home

Before Kody made the bridge

As you can see they had a lot of snow. They pilot flew over them that day and dropped them
a cannister with information on where to float to
so he could pick them up the next day as he was
not able to land at the planned area. So the hunt
got cut short by a few days but they were lucky
to get out as they were saying another storm
was coming through and then the pilot would
not be able to land anywhere and the rescue
would need to come get them. Yikes.

MY BOYS> They hiked up for one last hunt and though it was cold they worked up a sweat, so they changed into dry shirts. But they couldn't resist taking this photo first. I love this photo. Snow, cold, no moose meat and look at those happy faces!!

So floating down Lou tripped getting out of the raft and hurt his wrist, thought it was broke but it wasn't. But Kody took charge, he got the rafts secured, got out the cook stove to dry off Lou's stuff (he tripped into the river). Got him dry clothes, wrapped and taped his hand and took care of business. Lou was quite impressed with his skills and no hesitation just got it done. They get to the runway and the pilot takes Lou out first as he still has some damp items he is wearing and is hurt. So I realize Kody is quite capable of being out in the wilderness alone but I am glad I did not know he was left until after they were safe at home. It's an hour round trip, a bit longer with unloading and that is if everything goes well. I would only think of the what if's... What if the pilot couldn't get back...What if he was stuck there a few days...MY BABY was left out there!! Yea, it's the mom in me. He had what he would need to survive but it would still make me nervous. Even though I have no doubt he is more than capable.

So no meat, but a successful camping trip for the boys emotional well being


  1. Lou, that is why you didn't come in the kayak at the beach, you would have tipped it over!!

  2. I love the guys with their guns and no shirts on too! I am still crackin' up! I am going to download that and it will hold high honor in the house! I know they love it, but that is soooooo not for me! Pretty country. thanks for going so I don't have to!

  3. I would love to go if I can order the weather that I want. Fifties would be okay. Even forties at night. But no lower, I still have to go potty and that is too cold to drop the drawers:)